1339173560-hand_over_mouthLast Saturday and Sunday (Feb 15/16 2014) Tree of Life Transformation Center taught a Sozo seminar in Fremont. It was an amazing weekend; nearly 100 people participated in the training. The following testimony is one of many amazing God moments.

Saturday afternoon, as I was walking down the hall with my friend Sadie, our friend Raylene called out to us. She pointed to a woman named E** who had a terrible, persistent cough. She told us we should go over and pray for her. Hahaha. I called Raylene over to join us – we three would pray for her together. Raylene did not share that God had told her that one of E**s legs was longer than the other, and when it grew out her cough would leave her.

Raylene, Sadie, and I approached E** and asked her if we could pray for her nasty cough. E** explained to us that she had to sit in the foyer and watch the speakers via the monitor because her cough disturbed everyone. In fact, it kept her from church, seminars, and even prayer groups. E** was pleased to have us pray for her. Raylene asked, then laid her hand on E**s shoulder, and released love and healing.

I then felt impressed to tell E** that God loved her and it deeply pleased Him when she read His Word. It wasn’t reading the Bible out of duty or obligation; instead, she read it out of deep love and pleasure. It was intimate and joyful for them both! Sadie then got a word of knowledge – swimming pool or water. She asked if this meant anything to E**. It did not seem to, until she recalled a swimming incident in her youth when her brother held her underwater. She said from that day on she had lived with great fear. We prayed for forgiveness and renounced fear. E** felt lighter and at peace, but she was still coughing.

Raylene had left our group, and her husband Billy joined us. He had a word of knowledge for pain in the left leg, running from the hip down to the ankle. E** did not have such a pain, but she did have pain in her right ankle. Yay, God! Billy prayed for the pain to leave. He then suggested that one of her legs was longer than the other. We asked her if we could grow out her leg. Sadie prayed for her, and allowed God to do what He does. E**s leg grew out. She then remarked that she felt heat in her right heel. We celebrated God and what He was doing for E**.

E** then shared that God had led her to begin a prayer group at a local college. She had put it off, but finally chose a date to begin. On the first day before the meeting she had sat outside overlooking the bay, immersed in her Bible. As she was enjoying her quiet time with the Lord, looking at the water, she felt her first cough. From that time on, it grew steadily worse and worse, to the point that she felt hindered and too much a distraction for her study group. Hahahaha! The roots were uncovered; the lie was exposed.  The water, the fears, the unforgiveness, God’s pleasure in E**s quiet time in the Word, God’s leading her to start a prayer group, the origin of the cough… hahahahahaha! We laughed at the schemes of the enemy, and we celebrated God’s plans for E**. We blessed E** and the amazing plans God has for her, and we thanked God for the healing work He had begun in her.

After rejoicing we returned to the seminar. At the end of the day, Raylene commented that she had not heard E** cough the rest of the afternoon. On Sunday, E** joined us in the sanctuary where the teaching was conducted – NO MORE COUGHING!

Sunday evening as I shared Billy’s word of knowledge with a friend, this friend started laughing, and she claimed the healing – her left leg from thigh to ankle had been hurting! God is good!

Lord, thank You for this wild and fun opportunity You gave to the four of us to pray for E**! We thank You for E**. We thank You for her passion for You and her compassion for others. We thank You for healing!

Photo found at http://clclt.com/binary/16f9/1339173560-hand_over_mouth.jpg.