I choose to forgive myself and release myself from every expectation I had in myself to be a better wife and mother, to have known better, and to have done better.

I have never intended to cause harm in any way. I have unintentionally hurt myself and others out of my brokenness, just as others have hurt me unintentionally out of their brokenness. I may have acted out of pain, rage, anger, fear… I may be reaping the curses from the harvest of seed sown by my generations. Perhaps I am perishing for lack of knowledge. I declare that the revelatory light of God will illuminate my understanding of my situations and I will not be misled by my distorted lenses.

I repent for taking the enemy’s bait. I repent for holding offense and unforgiveness towards myself, towards others, and even towards God. Lord, I am sorry. I release myself. I release others. I release them from every expectation I had in them. I release them from my belief in them and I bless them by placing them in your hands, Jesus.

I give all debts or perceived obligations to you, Jesus. I pray this in Jesus’ Name. Amen