As I journaled my prayers today, I was reminded of kintsugi, the Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with lacquer dusted with powdered gold. The brokenness is made beautiful. I then discovered the following, which brought gold to my prayers.

Embroidered kintsugi

I found this photo of broken pieces made beautiful by English embroidery artist Charlotte Bailey. Rather than fill the broken places with gold lacquer, she covered them with cloth and stitched them together with gold thread.

Lord, I declare the promises of Genesis 50:19-20 over myself this day and every day. Lord, You know every right and wrong decision. You see every seed sown and You know its harvest. Lord, I give it all to You. Release Your gold in to the broken places. Use it for Your glory. I declare that You reweave every situation and use it to bless many.

Lord, I give you the tattered fabric of my life. I ask You to reweave it into a beautiful tapestry that radiates Your glory.



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