Lord, You have called me Amethyst, and I embrace this! I renounce the lies that I cannot control my thoughts and must count on ways of this world to keep my mind from swirling and spiraling. Cleanse me, Lord, of negative influences and attachments. I control not only my thoughts but also my dream life, for I have the mind of Christ, and I choose to remain mindful of You. Lord, You guide me and protect me. You watch over me.

I repent, Lord, and I ask for forgiveness. Cleanse me of all negative influences and attachments. Envelop me in Your spiritual light, and I will rest in You.

Lord, I am extremely left-brained. Thank you for this gift that likes to organize things and administrate. Help me to hone this skill for Your glory. I ask You to bring to my remembrance the good plans You have for me. Reveal my destiny and help me to refine my gifts, callings and anointings for Your purposes and glory.

I declare these things in the Name of Jesus, the One True King of kings and Lord of lords.