2240429924_38ef99cfa4_oFaceBook is a great way to connect and send healing!

This morning as I was checking facebook, I noticed a friend had posted a story about spraining her ankle. Ouch! Poor girl! She was thankful that she had not spilled the food from her plate onto the light-colored rug when she fell.
I thought to myself, “That’s not good enough! She should be thankful for healing.” So I posted a prayer for her. I commanded trauma out, in Jesus’ Name. We said NO to pain, tenderness, and bruising, and YES to complete strength and wholeness.

About 8 minutes later she messaged me. She said, “I’m freaking out here on my bed!”

It seems the swelling in her foot had been increasing and she could not feel two of her toes. As she read my prayer, her foot started to get hot and the numbness in her toes went away. She said that as she looked at her foot, “It literally looked like a balloon deflating and the color returned to normal, crazy!!!”

Thank You, Jesus! We give You all the glory. You are awesome, and we love You!

God loves us, He is always good, and He is always in a good mood! He never tires of doing good. Best of all, He loves to include us in what He is doing.