water drainAbout two weeks ago my dad texted me for prayer. A friend of his was rushed to the emergency room. He had suffered either a stroke or a heart attack. I texted back, commanding immediate healing with no damage, in Jesus’ Name. A day later my dad updated me. This man had had a heart attack, and there were large blood clots in his lungs and leg. I texted back, commanding all blood clots to be immediately dissolved and flushed harmlessly from the man’s body, with no damage to any part of his body.

My dad met up with his friend’s brother 3 or 4 days later. My dad learned that not only was the man released from the hospital with no damage to his heart, brain, or any other part of his body, but also this man is back to work – full duty! Thank You, Jesus!

Father God, Thank You! You are Jehovah Rophe, the One who Heals! Thank You for empowering each of us to carry out the work you have given to Jesus and to us through His authority. I bless this man whom You have healed. I bless him with renewed strength and love of life, and I bless him with a passion to know You more intimately.