Recently, the Lord reminded of an evening in the 3nd year of ministry school, when my ex-husband and I simultaneously received a vision of ministering as a family – with our sons. This was part of our destiny that God had planned for us. We shared the initial steps into this destiny through our first trip to India. Sadly, my ex walked away from His plans for us when he walked out on me.

In that moment, all my hopes and dreams were destroyed. My “happily ever after” was destroyed. I was crushed in spirit. Then, on a beautiful December morning during church service, God reminded me of the time He told me that I would have no one before Him. In that moment I was convicted of idolatry. I had put my ex before Him; I had put our marriage before my marriage to Him. I was willing to sacrifice me and my dreams and destiny to placate and keep my ex. God was clear: none of that was His best for me.

Then I heard the Pastor caution us not to be married to the past and thus miss the promise for today. Bam! In that moment, I renounced my poor choices and rebuked destiny destroyers. I severed and disconnected from them; I severed all agreements and communications, and I renounced and rebuked all word curses spoken over me by myself and by others. I asked for and I am thankful for forgiveness for partnering with any and all of that muck. Thank You, Jesus, for your Blood which cleanses me and speaks on my behalf.

I declare and decree that I have ears to hear what the One True Jesus of Nazareth speaks, for I know His voice and I obey Him. I have eyes to see Him, feet to follow Him, hands to do what He is doing, and a heart that loves as He loves. I declare and decree that I walk in His will, for He is my Rock and my Salvation. I am the head and not the tail, the lender and not the borrower. I am a voice of strength and encouragement, for I speak what I hear my Father speaking. Thank You, Father, for reminding me of these words that You have spoken over me.

I now remember who I am and Whose I am. I will accept nothing less than what God has prepared for me. I walk in covenant with the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. LORD, I am Your Daughter and Your Warrior, and I walk in the destiny You prepared for me from before the creation of the world. I walk in victory. My faith, my love, and my covenant are true and rest securely in my covenant with You, the One True God. Thank You, Lord, for calling these truths to remembrance.