Letting Go of Unforgiveness

I call my spirit forward, and I call my body and soul into alignment with my spirit as I align with the Spirit of God.

Lord, I acknowledge that I have held unforgiveness in my heart towards others. I acknowledge that a lack of forgiveness gives the enemy the legal right to deny me what Jesus has provided for me on the cross. As I forgive others, this legal right is revoked. I am set free as I let go. So, I choose to let go of unforgiveness and I embrace forgiveness.

I forgive, and I repent of bitterness, anger, and even hatred. I ask You, Lord, to create in me a clean heart and to renew a right spirit in me. Change my heart. Lord, as You have forgiven me, I wish to forgive others. I ask You, Jesus, to share Your capacity to forgive until I am able to do so.

Lord, I bless those who have harmed me. I bless them with life, success, health, and prosperity. I bless the work of their hands. I desire good for them. Where I cannot fully bless, help me to grow into the full measure of forgiveness and blessing. Jesus, I again ask that You share Your capacity until I am able.

I release them, Lord. I place them in Your hands, for they belong to You. I pray and declare these things in the mighty Name of Jesus.

Families Restored

Jesus has unfurled the banner “Dreams Really Do Come True” over families. Families have suffered cycles of brokenness, pain, heartaches, disappointments, and loss. This day I choose I rally under the hope and promises of Jesus. I declare that families which have seen a lack of breakthrough and change will SUDDENLY see the manifestation of long-awaited promises of healing and restoration.

Father, in the name of Jesus we lift up our families to you. We consecrate ourselves and our families to You and Your plans and purposes for our lives. We ask you to help us identify the unhealthy cycles in our lives, and we ask You to break off those cycles – teach us Your better ways. We ask You for and we thank You for a fresh measure of Your grace and hope. We submit to You and Your ways. We ask for Acceleration, that Your plans and purposes will quickly be established in us and for us. Thank You for the manifestation of long-awaited promises and healing. Thank You for the Suddenlies!

My Isaiah 6 God-incidence

But God!

This afternoon I chose to start reading “Operating in the Courts of Heaven (new edition 2021) by Robert Henderson. I’ve been reading it slowly to soak in what the author is sharing and revealing and to capture my thoughts on what I am learning. For the past few hours I have also picked worship music on YouTube to which I have sung, danced, worshipped, and journaled.

I was digging deeper into the meaning of “Abba” and “Father,” and reveling in the Spirit of Adoption. I looked up and chose Todd Agnew’s “Isaiah 6.” Todd Agnew is my first Worship Leader Hero of my faith. His voice resonates within me, and his yearning for God is palpable to me. The video began with Todd praying and asking for God’s Presence to be revealed to us, for that is all we need. I thought, AMEN. The music began and Todd sang, “I saw the Lord sitting on a throne, high and lifted up…”

At the very moment I heard the music begin, I looked down into my book and read, “In the year that King Uzziah died, I SAW THE LORD SITTING ON A THRONE, HIGH AND LIFTED UP…”

I had no ideas I was about to read those verses when I chose that song.

All this happened as I am receiving more revelation about adoption in Paul’s culture and soaking in the significance of Abba and Father.

All this while asking Father, Abba, for more faith, more boldness like Achsah (daughter of Caleb), more hunger for Him, correctness in response to revelation, fullness of rights and authority as His representative.

What a way tell me that You are with me! What a way to tell me, “You are my Daughter, in whom I am well pleased!” What a way to tell me that You see me, that I do measure up, that I am not rejected. I am ADOPTED. You are my good, good Father. Yes and Amen.

But God!

Like a Glove

From Bill Johnson’s teaching…

Judges 6:34 “so the spirit of the Lord came upon Gideon… “

The word used for “came upon” translates into “to put on, to wear, to clothe, to be clothed.
Holy Spirit clothed himself with Gideon. God put him on like a glove.

Lord, In Your word you speak of putting on Gideon like a glove. Lord, put me on, be clothed in me. My personality, gifts, and talents are more fully expressed through You within me. I am empowered by You, Lord, fully expressing yourself in me. I carry your name, authority, and dominion. You have commissioned me to think with your ways, pray according to your promises, and live according to your provision. I choose to be put on like a glove. I declare this in the name of Jesus.

Your Hands Held My Cheeks

I stood before the counsel of the Lord. You kissed my forehead. I felt gold as honey pour over me. You, Lord, imparted into me WORDS.

“I will uphold you in My righteous hands.” Your hands held my cheeks, and You said to me, “It is all about you. You have felt misjudged, misunderstood, and rejected. But those who have caused you to feel this way are not important to who I say you are and Whose you are. You are mine.”

“Let them go. Let loose the chains. Cast off the ropes.” In my mind’s eye I saw a trailing rowboat. I threw off the ropes, and I felt freedom. A weight was lifted.

Lord, you have called me to write. Whether for myself of others, You give me words. You provide me peace and joy in writing. Again, in my spirit I see gold ink and a quill pen…

Thank You, Father, for these cherished moments in our secret place. Thank You for speaking through me. Thank You for anointing my words.

Lord, help me to love myself better so that I may love others more. Help me to love extravagantly, that I may walk in the fullness of my callings, giftings, and anointings which have been in Your heart and mind for me. I renounce shame and self-judgment, and I receive a double portion of endless joy and everlasting bliss. I embrace who You say that I am.

I declare these things in the mighty Name of Jesus.



Lord, You have called me Amethyst, and I embrace this! I renounce the lies that I cannot control my thoughts and must count on ways of this world to keep my mind from swirling and spiraling. Cleanse me, Lord, of negative influences and attachments. I control not only my thoughts but also my dream life, for I have the mind of Christ, and I choose to remain mindful of You. Lord, You guide me and protect me. You watch over me.

I repent, Lord, and I ask for forgiveness. Cleanse me of all negative influences and attachments. Envelop me in Your spiritual light, and I will rest in You.

Lord, I am extremely left-brained. Thank you for this gift that likes to organize things and administrate. Help me to hone this skill for Your glory. I ask You to bring to my remembrance the good plans You have for me. Reveal my destiny and help me to refine my gifts, callings and anointings for Your purposes and glory.

I declare these things in the Name of Jesus, the One True King of kings and Lord of lords.


God is Good

As I began pondering the question “What biblical foundation have I found for believing that God is good” I immediately saw God in the cool of the evening, calling out to Adam and Eve – calling out to me! God is so pleased to be with me. He is always present and intentional towards me. Though sometimes I am as a selfish child – focused on me and my circumstances, Papa God is ever near. He stands ready to meet me wherever I am. He is ready to pick me up, brush off the dust, and set me AGAIN on firm soil – on the solid Rock.

For me the Garden of Eden is a love story, full of redemption and restoration. God was not disappointed in Adam, and He is not disappointed in me. Though God and I may co-create for hours and I suddenly stumble into ungodly thoughts or actions, we remain securely connected, for Papa neither stumbles nor rejects my missteps.

I used to be angry with Adam and Eve. If only they had not messed things up for us. But then I realized that I make the same mistakes daily. God is not bothered by them, though He does wish for me to learn from them. In His goodness and His love, God nourishes and strengthen us so we may remember who we are and Whose we are. This is what is important to Him. There is no denying His goodness.

In the New Testament I am drawn to the Canaanite woman who showed great faith. No one is turned away from His goodness, and we need only the smallest portion – mere breadcrumbs – to know the love and goodness of God. His goodness is indeed extravagant. Indeed, we speak of the recklessly spending prodigal son. I would submit that God’s love and goodness is wastefully extravagant! I am undone by a vision of Papa God running towards me, arms outstretched, love and acceptance etched across His countenance.

We tend to see God’s goodness through the lenses of what He has given us or what He has done for us. This is not incorrect. It simply reflects the inability to truly know, at least in this human form, the depth and height and breadth of His love and sacrifice for us. We can do nothing to deserve it, let alone repay it. We must simply accept it.