embroidered kintsugi

As I journaled my prayers today, I was reminded of kintsugi, the Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with lacquer dusted with powdered gold. The brokenness is made beautiful. I then discovered the following, which brought gold to my prayers.

Embroidered kintsugi

I found this photo of broken pieces made beautiful by English embroidery artist Charlotte Bailey. Rather than fill the broken places with gold lacquer, she covered them with cloth and stitched them together with gold thread.

Lord, I declare the promises of Genesis 50:19-20 over myself this day and every day. Lord, You know every right and wrong decision. You see every seed sown and You know its harvest. Lord, I give it all to You. Release Your gold in to the broken places. Use it for Your glory. I declare that You reweave every situation and use it to bless many.

Lord, I give you the tattered fabric of my life. I ask You to reweave it into a beautiful tapestry that radiates Your glory.



Fiorini, Donna. “The Answer For Life.” ILNcenter.com. 2011.          https://www.architecturaldigest.com/story/kintsugi-japanese-art-ceramic-repair


Forgiving Myself

I choose to forgive myself and release myself from every expectation I had in myself to be a better wife and mother, to have known better, and to have done better.

I have never intended to cause harm in any way. I have unintentionally hurt myself and others out of my brokenness, just as others have hurt me unintentionally out of their brokenness. I may have acted out of pain, rage, anger, fear… I may be reaping the curses from the harvest of seed sown by my generations. Perhaps I am perishing for lack of knowledge. I declare that the revelatory light of God will illuminate my understanding of my situations and I will not be misled by my distorted lenses.

I repent for taking the enemy’s bait. I repent for holding offense and unforgiveness towards myself, towards others, and even towards God. Lord, I am sorry. I release myself. I release others. I release them from every expectation I had in them. I release them from my belief in them and I bless them by placing them in your hands, Jesus.

I give all debts or perceived obligations to you, Jesus. I pray this in Jesus’ Name. Amen

Tiny feathers, tiny tears

Most mornings I fill all the bird feeders and clean out the bird bath. I walk around our home looking for feathers. Almost every day I find an especially beautiful one; almost always it is a blue jay feather. They are so pretty and I am always thrilled to find one.
So this morning as I bent over to pick up a feather I spotted a very small feather. It was maybe a half inch long. It was black and its very tip was blue. I was so excited. I thank the birds every morning for their gift of feathers, but today I realized it was Papa God whom I should thank for this gift. He was up to something!
I retrieved a small jar and began my earnest search for these tiny feathers. You don’t notice them until you realize they are there and you search for them.
As I am picking up a tiny one I hear Papa say, “These are like the tears I collect. I capture every tear that falls. Every tear. Large or small. Every tear. I hear every cry and I hold every tear. Not one tear falls that I do not see.”
I’m learning… so I immediately asked, “Who needs to hear this right now, Papa?” I sensed a few beautiful friends, but I also sensed this was for someone else, and I will continue to release the revelation of His intimacy and intentionality over the ones who need to hear this today. He hears your cries and He holds your every tear.
And then suddenly these little feathers start flowing to me. There is no breeze this morning, not to mention that I have never seen any feathers carried by a breeze, let alone these tiny feathers that fall between the blades of grass. I sensed it was another gift. Papa loves to give good gifts.
I shared this whole encounter with my girl Heather. She sensed that the little feathers blown to me were like the tears that flow to Papa. All tears flow to Papa God. That’s a good word.

Nota bene: According to the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918, it is illegal to collect these feathers, so I am just showing them here before I return them to my yard.

Careless in the Care of God


Today we celebrate the house finch. God sees each of us and He loves each of us, no matter what. He cares for every bird; how much more He cares for us.
Psalm 50:11 “I know every bird of the mountains, And everything that moves in the field is Mine.
Matthew 6:26 “Look at the birds of the air, that they do not sow, nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not worth much more than they?”
The Message adds that the birds are “careless in the care of God,” and we “count far more to him than birds.”

We Love You, Lord

We love You, Lord

You freed our souls. You have freed us, and we stand wide-eyed, amazed at how light life truly is.




Taste and see.

See all that I have prepared for you. I created the universe for you. I created trees and flowers, beasts and lizards, all things furry and feathered. See the beauty I created for you. But Know This: None of this compares to the beauty of you. You are beautiful.

You were created to be free. You were created to dance, to be free of everything that holds you down. You were created to fly… to soar with the eagles to greater and greater heights… to be lifted up by My Spirit and carried to new realms of discovery.

I am calling you deeper into Me. You are My heart’s desire. Spending time with you fills My heart with joy.

Look into My eyes. See the unconditional love I have for you. See the delight in My eyes as you approach. I stand each day on the hill, waiting, watching for you. See Me run to you! Run to Me, Child, and let Me overwhelm you with My love.

Step into my Presence. Step into My throne room of grace. Grace flows easily and deeply. It washes away all the tears of sorrow and regret. Let it wash away all the things that have held you back from My love. As Isaiah allowed the coal to touch his lips, allow My river of grace to touch yours.

I have called you to be a voice of grace. I have called you to be my voice of blessing and encouragement. You will release My grace and My love to a world that believes it is unlovable. Even the most unlovable are My heart’s desire. They are guests of honor at My table, and you carry their invitation.

So, come into My arms. Let me give you rest and refreshing. Let Me blanket you in My love. Lay your head on My chest and feel My heart beat. Feel its rhythm. Let its sound resonate through your entire being.

I have chosen you. You are mine.

I am your good, good Father, and you are loved by me.

Nagging Cough Abolished

1339173560-hand_over_mouthLast Saturday and Sunday (Feb 15/16 2014) Tree of Life Transformation Center taught a Sozo seminar in Fremont. It was an amazing weekend; nearly 100 people participated in the training. The following testimony is one of many amazing God moments.

Saturday afternoon, as I was walking down the hall with my friend Sadie, our friend Raylene called out to us. She pointed to a woman named E** who had a terrible, persistent cough. She told us we should go over and pray for her. Hahaha. I called Raylene over to join us – we three would pray for her together. Raylene did not share that God had told her that one of E**s legs was longer than the other, and when it grew out her cough would leave her.

Raylene, Sadie, and I approached E** and asked her if we could pray for her nasty cough. E** explained to us that she had to sit in the foyer and watch the speakers via the monitor because her cough disturbed everyone. In fact, it kept her from church, seminars, and even prayer groups. E** was pleased to have us pray for her. Raylene asked, then laid her hand on E**s shoulder, and released love and healing.

I then felt impressed to tell E** that God loved her and it deeply pleased Him when she read His Word. It wasn’t reading the Bible out of duty or obligation; instead, she read it out of deep love and pleasure. It was intimate and joyful for them both! Sadie then got a word of knowledge – swimming pool or water. She asked if this meant anything to E**. It did not seem to, until she recalled a swimming incident in her youth when her brother held her underwater. She said from that day on she had lived with great fear. We prayed for forgiveness and renounced fear. E** felt lighter and at peace, but she was still coughing.

Raylene had left our group, and her husband Billy joined us. He had a word of knowledge for pain in the left leg, running from the hip down to the ankle. E** did not have such a pain, but she did have pain in her right ankle. Yay, God! Billy prayed for the pain to leave. He then suggested that one of her legs was longer than the other. We asked her if we could grow out her leg. Sadie prayed for her, and allowed God to do what He does. E**s leg grew out. She then remarked that she felt heat in her right heel. We celebrated God and what He was doing for E**.

E** then shared that God had led her to begin a prayer group at a local college. She had put it off, but finally chose a date to begin. On the first day before the meeting she had sat outside overlooking the bay, immersed in her Bible. As she was enjoying her quiet time with the Lord, looking at the water, she felt her first cough. From that time on, it grew steadily worse and worse, to the point that she felt hindered and too much a distraction for her study group. Hahahaha! The roots were uncovered; the lie was exposed.  The water, the fears, the unforgiveness, God’s pleasure in E**s quiet time in the Word, God’s leading her to start a prayer group, the origin of the cough… hahahahahaha! We laughed at the schemes of the enemy, and we celebrated God’s plans for E**. We blessed E** and the amazing plans God has for her, and we thanked God for the healing work He had begun in her.

After rejoicing we returned to the seminar. At the end of the day, Raylene commented that she had not heard E** cough the rest of the afternoon. On Sunday, E** joined us in the sanctuary where the teaching was conducted – NO MORE COUGHING!

Sunday evening as I shared Billy’s word of knowledge with a friend, this friend started laughing, and she claimed the healing – her left leg from thigh to ankle had been hurting! God is good!

Lord, thank You for this wild and fun opportunity You gave to the four of us to pray for E**! We thank You for E**. We thank You for her passion for You and her compassion for others. We thank You for healing!

Photo found at http://clclt.com/binary/16f9/1339173560-hand_over_mouth.jpg.

No Permanent Damage

water drainAbout two weeks ago my dad texted me for prayer. A friend of his was rushed to the emergency room. He had suffered either a stroke or a heart attack. I texted back, commanding immediate healing with no damage, in Jesus’ Name. A day later my dad updated me. This man had had a heart attack, and there were large blood clots in his lungs and leg. I texted back, commanding all blood clots to be immediately dissolved and flushed harmlessly from the man’s body, with no damage to any part of his body.

My dad met up with his friend’s brother 3 or 4 days later. My dad learned that not only was the man released from the hospital with no damage to his heart, brain, or any other part of his body, but also this man is back to work – full duty! Thank You, Jesus!

Father God, Thank You! You are Jehovah Rophe, the One who Heals! Thank You for empowering each of us to carry out the work you have given to Jesus and to us through His authority. I bless this man whom You have healed. I bless him with renewed strength and love of life, and I bless him with a passion to know You more intimately.

Sprained ankle healed!

2240429924_38ef99cfa4_oFaceBook is a great way to connect and send healing!

This morning as I was checking facebook, I noticed a friend had posted a story about spraining her ankle. Ouch! Poor girl! She was thankful that she had not spilled the food from her plate onto the light-colored rug when she fell.
I thought to myself, “That’s not good enough! She should be thankful for healing.” So I posted a prayer for her. I commanded trauma out, in Jesus’ Name. We said NO to pain, tenderness, and bruising, and YES to complete strength and wholeness.

About 8 minutes later she messaged me. She said, “I’m freaking out here on my bed!”

It seems the swelling in her foot had been increasing and she could not feel two of her toes. As she read my prayer, her foot started to get hot and the numbness in her toes went away. She said that as she looked at her foot, “It literally looked like a balloon deflating and the color returned to normal, crazy!!!”

Thank You, Jesus! We give You all the glory. You are awesome, and we love You!

God loves us, He is always good, and He is always in a good mood! He never tires of doing good. Best of all, He loves to include us in what He is doing.

Beauty for Ashes, a Tale of my Jackie Beads


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It has been three months since my loss of my beloved iguana, and it still saddens me to awaken to … no Jackie. But God comforts me in many different ways. I’d like to share a unique way God has used this loss to bless someone I may never meet here on earth.

My loss of Jackie put me in contact with Dolly, a woman in San Diego who uses her creativity and her skilled hands to create glass art. For me she created memorial glass beads and a sun catcher: my Jackie beads.

When I lost Jackie, I had her cremated. Creepy to some, but creepier still for me was the thought of her body being indiscriminately disposed of by strangers. Once I received her cremains, I sent a small amount to Dolly, who enveloped a tiny amount into glass beads.

When I received my Jackie beads, I was awestruck. It was not just the stunning visual beauty of the beads that moved me. When I held them, I felt Dolly’s love and gentleness that she poured into my Jackie beads.

I was so blessed that I immediately emailed this dear woman. I thanked her and shared how she had blessed me. I asked if I might pray a blessing over her; I blessed her and asked God to exponentially multiply her creativity and the work of her hands. I didn’t know how Dolly might respond to my email, but I felt my heart might burst if I did not respond to the love I felt.

My blessing was an affirmation for Dolly. She later told me that her talents are a Godly gift and that she prays for each family for whom she creates a memorial. God has affirmed that He is well pleased with her prayers and tender heart. He is pleased with the way she uses her gifts to honor and love on others. I’m thankful that God prompted me to thank her and bless her.

Thank you, Papa, for bringing love and joy into my loss.  Even though it still hurts, you have worked my loss into an opportunity to bless someone else, someone who quietly uses her godly gifts to bring beauty for ashes!

A Love Letter


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Last Thursday during worship, I had the opportunity to write and share the impressions I felt from Papa God. I’ve decided to share my experience here. I haven’t decided whether to share everything, or just what I was able to share that evening (2-3 minutes goes very quickly!)… I’ve decided to share everything.


Come, Rest in My Presence.

Your praise brings tears to My eyes. Your love draws Me to you. I will not be deterred. You have sought Me, and you have found Me.
Rest in My Presence. Rejoice in My Presence. Be refreshed in Me.
I hear your praises and I rejoice. I hear your praises and I come.

You are the Shunammite woman. As I was passing by, you called Me in. You have refreshed Me. Now allow My Presence to refresh you.
You have made a room for Me in your heart. You have made a place for Me; your heart is now My dwelling place. I will come and dwell with you forever.

[Know My heart. Know your heart.
I have already healed all your hurts.
You are beautiful. You are exquisite.
I have made all provisions. I have set you free.
You are beautiful.] (I did not share this in class.)

Not only have you made a place for Me in your heart, but you have made a place for Me in this church and in your community. You have called Me here, and I shall not pass by. I will stop and I will stay. Forever, I will stay.

[Release any doubts you have – I see them even though you try to hide them.
DO NOT DOUBT. Do not grow weary. Do not be sad, for I AM speaking to you.
Rest in Me. Let Me pour My love and My joy in you, on you, through you.] (I did not share this in class.)

Because I dwell in you, you carry My Presence wherever you go. You cannot carry My Presence with you without making a difference. I release You to carry My love to others. So, carry My love, My grace, My mercy. Heal the sick. Drive out disease. Set the captives free. Blind eyes will see. Deaf ears will hear.

Rest in Me. Find peace and comfort in Me. Be refreshed in Me.
Draw close to Me.
Know My heart.
Know My love.
Know My love for you.
You are beautiful.
You are my favorite masterpiece, and I want to spend time with you.


Thank You, Papa, for Your heart. Thank You for sharing Your love for us. Thank You, Holy Spirit, for messing with me just a little, because in doing so You assured me all would be well – all would be fun, and it was! Thank You, Jesus, for Your peace. You reminded me that I can’t perform for You or earn more love, but together we could enjoy praise and worship, and and we could enjoy what I love to do. You’re so cool! Thank You, Lord, for Jewels, for her love and encouragement. This was fun!