But God!

This afternoon I chose to start reading “Operating in the Courts of Heaven (new edition 2021) by Robert Henderson. I’ve been reading it slowly to soak in what the author is sharing and revealing and to capture my thoughts on what I am learning. For the past few hours I have also picked worship music on YouTube to which I have sung, danced, worshipped, and journaled.

I was digging deeper into the meaning of “Abba” and “Father,” and reveling in the Spirit of Adoption. I looked up and chose Todd Agnew’s “Isaiah 6.” Todd Agnew is my first Worship Leader Hero of my faith. His voice resonates within me, and his yearning for God is palpable to me. The video began with Todd praying and asking for God’s Presence to be revealed to us, for that is all we need. I thought, AMEN. The music began and Todd sang, “I saw the Lord sitting on a throne, high and lifted up…”

At the very moment I heard the music begin, I looked down into my book and read, “In the year that King Uzziah died, I SAW THE LORD SITTING ON A THRONE, HIGH AND LIFTED UP…”

I had no ideas I was about to read those verses when I chose that song.

All this happened as I am receiving more revelation about adoption in Paul’s culture and soaking in the significance of Abba and Father.

All this while asking Father, Abba, for more faith, more boldness like Achsah (daughter of Caleb), more hunger for Him, correctness in response to revelation, fullness of rights and authority as His representative.

What a way tell me that You are with me! What a way to tell me, “You are my Daughter, in whom I am well pleased!” What a way to tell me that You see me, that I do measure up, that I am not rejected. I am ADOPTED. You are my good, good Father. Yes and Amen.

But God!