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It has been three months since my loss of my beloved iguana, and it still saddens me to awaken to … no Jackie. But God comforts me in many different ways. I’d like to share a unique way God has used this loss to bless someone I may never meet here on earth.

My loss of Jackie put me in contact with Dolly, a woman in San Diego who uses her creativity and her skilled hands to create glass art. For me she created memorial glass beads and a sun catcher: my Jackie beads.

When I lost Jackie, I had her cremated. Creepy to some, but creepier still for me was the thought of her body being indiscriminately disposed of by strangers. Once I received her cremains, I sent a small amount to Dolly, who enveloped a tiny amount into glass beads.

When I received my Jackie beads, I was awestruck. It was not just the stunning visual beauty of the beads that moved me. When I held them, I felt Dolly’s love and gentleness that she poured into my Jackie beads.

I was so blessed that I immediately emailed this dear woman. I thanked her and shared how she had blessed me. I asked if I might pray a blessing over her; I blessed her and asked God to exponentially multiply her creativity and the work of her hands. I didn’t know how Dolly might respond to my email, but I felt my heart might burst if I did not respond to the love I felt.

My blessing was an affirmation for Dolly. She later told me that her talents are a Godly gift and that she prays for each family for whom she creates a memorial. God has affirmed that He is well pleased with her prayers and tender heart. He is pleased with the way she uses her gifts to honor and love on others. I’m thankful that God prompted me to thank her and bless her.

Thank you, Papa, for bringing love and joy into my loss.  Even though it still hurts, you have worked my loss into an opportunity to bless someone else, someone who quietly uses her godly gifts to bring beauty for ashes!