Lord, sanctify my mind! Just as your angels put a clean turban on Joshua’s head, thereby cleansing and clothing his mind, cleanse and clothe my mind. Sanctify my mind that I may have the mind of Christ. Give me faith to look at problems from Your perspective. Give me eyes to see each trial as an opportunity to experience Your faithfulness and provision.

Lord, I ask for wisdom, for Your wisdom is pure and sincere, full of peace and mercy. I stand on Your promise to generously give wisdom to all who ask, and I will rejoice in what You reveal to me. I receive your wisdom and direction.

Lord, it is Your good pleasure to allow me to reach deep into Your wisdom to solve problems. In my weakness You reveal wisdom and give me strength. I am blessed with joy as I face new challenges, for as I lean into You, You give me knowledge and understanding. Thank You, Lord.


Zech 3:3-5 NASB  Now Joshua was clothed with filthy garments and standing before the angel. He spoke and said to those who were standing before him, saying, “Remove the filthy garments from him.” Again he said to him, “See, I have taken your iniquity away from you and will clothe you with festal robes.” Then I said, “Let them put a clean turban on his head.” So they put a clean turban on his head and clothed him with garments, while the angel of the Lord was standing by.

1 Cor 2:16 NASB 16 For who has known the mind of the Lord, that he will instruct Him? But we have the mind of Christ.

James 1:5 TPT  And if anyone longs to be wise, ask God for wisdom and he will give it! He won’t see your lack of wisdom as an opportunity to scold you over your failures but he will overwhelm your failures with his generous grace.