Jesus has unfurled the banner “Dreams Really Do Come True” over families. Families have suffered cycles of brokenness, pain, heartaches, disappointments, and loss. This day I choose I rally under the hope and promises of Jesus. I declare that families which have seen a lack of breakthrough and change will SUDDENLY see the manifestation of long-awaited promises of healing and restoration.

Father, in the name of Jesus we lift up our families to you. We consecrate ourselves and our families to You and Your plans and purposes for our lives. We ask you to help us identify the unhealthy cycles in our lives, and we ask You to break off those cycles – teach us Your better ways. We ask You for and we thank You for a fresh measure of Your grace and hope. We submit to You and Your ways. We ask for Acceleration, that Your plans and purposes will quickly be established in us and for us. Thank You for the manifestation of long-awaited promises and healing. Thank You for the Suddenlies!