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Last Thursday during worship, I had the opportunity to write and share the impressions I felt from Papa God. I’ve decided to share my experience here. I haven’t decided whether to share everything, or just what I was able to share that evening (2-3 minutes goes very quickly!)… I’ve decided to share everything.


Come, Rest in My Presence.

Your praise brings tears to My eyes. Your love draws Me to you. I will not be deterred. You have sought Me, and you have found Me.
Rest in My Presence. Rejoice in My Presence. Be refreshed in Me.
I hear your praises and I rejoice. I hear your praises and I come.

You are the Shunammite woman. As I was passing by, you called Me in. You have refreshed Me. Now allow My Presence to refresh you.
You have made a room for Me in your heart. You have made a place for Me; your heart is now My dwelling place. I will come and dwell with you forever.

[Know My heart. Know your heart.
I have already healed all your hurts.
You are beautiful. You are exquisite.
I have made all provisions. I have set you free.
You are beautiful.] (I did not share this in class.)

Not only have you made a place for Me in your heart, but you have made a place for Me in this church and in your community. You have called Me here, and I shall not pass by. I will stop and I will stay. Forever, I will stay.

[Release any doubts you have – I see them even though you try to hide them.
DO NOT DOUBT. Do not grow weary. Do not be sad, for I AM speaking to you.
Rest in Me. Let Me pour My love and My joy in you, on you, through you.] (I did not share this in class.)

Because I dwell in you, you carry My Presence wherever you go. You cannot carry My Presence with you without making a difference. I release You to carry My love to others. So, carry My love, My grace, My mercy. Heal the sick. Drive out disease. Set the captives free. Blind eyes will see. Deaf ears will hear.

Rest in Me. Find peace and comfort in Me. Be refreshed in Me.
Draw close to Me.
Know My heart.
Know My love.
Know My love for you.
You are beautiful.
You are my favorite masterpiece, and I want to spend time with you.


Thank You, Papa, for Your heart. Thank You for sharing Your love for us. Thank You, Holy Spirit, for messing with me just a little, because in doing so You assured me all would be well – all would be fun, and it was! Thank You, Jesus, for Your peace. You reminded me that I can’t perform for You or earn more love, but together we could enjoy praise and worship, and and we could enjoy what I love to do. You’re so cool! Thank You, Lord, for Jewels, for her love and encouragement. This was fun!