WOW! What a week! I’m humbled by all of my classmates, who took the time to read through my blog and leave comments.  Thank you!

During a quiet moment with Papa this morning, while preparing salads for my bearded dragons and foster desert tortoises, we were pondering all the different thoughts shared by everyone.  He highlighted specific thoughts from all the posts – things of which that He was especially proud.  Papa beamed with pride at all of His masterpieces – you!  You are His masterpieces, fearfully and wonderfully made in His image and blessed with His love, mercy, and grace.

I thought of Josh’s response, so analytical (loved it!) and so focused in that I gained a better perspective of my own post!  I thought of Sarah’s Chinese Water Dragon and a mom who desperately wanted to take away her daughter’s broken heart.  I remembered the one who shared her vulnerability – sharing that she too has felt unworthy and “not chosen” (Papa has marvelous plans for you, my sister!) I thought of everyone’s kindness in responding to the loss of my beloved Jacqueline, and I thought of all the words of encouragement spoken over my writing.  Words of affirmation is my love language, so thanks for all the love!

I felt Papa’s love and joy gushing out. I wish I could accurately express the glimpse He gave me into His pride for you, His children.  He created each and every one of you with exquisite care and love.  He sprinkled His Nature and His attributes in unique combinations into each of you, and He is so proud of you.  It’s impossible not to love everyone after seeing the way Papa sees you.  WOW – YOU ARE SO LOVED!

Thank You, Papa, for Your love.  Thank You for showing me Your pride and joy in your children.  This world is so much more beautiful when seen through Your lens of love.  And thanks for Jackie, and for caring for her for me.  Love You, Papa!