I entitled this post “Quiet Time,” but  it was anything but quiet.  Last Thursday evening I stood in the midst of about 80 friends; some of them I know and treasure, more of them I don’t yet know, but still treasure.  We were worshiping God in music and singing, when I found myself in my quiet place with Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit.  To my great delight we were joined by my dear sweet Jacqueline, my beloved iguana that passed away in July.

Jackie was basking on a rock, and oh! how her colors dazzled me.  She was quite a beauty while she was with me, but now, her beauty is indescribable.  Her greens were bold, bright, and iridescent.  I simply cannot put into words the depth and richness of her colors.  And Jackie’s eyes –  so beautiful.  Her brown eyes with rings of gold caught my breath.  My heart rejoiced to see her as she really is, with her true heavenly beauty not obscured by my human eyes.

Then Papa told me the most marvelous secret.  He revealed to me that He had created iguanas just for my pleasure!  He told me that He knew from the very beginning that I would love iguanas and I would fall in love with their complex colors, patterns, and textures.  What an incredible gift of His Creative Genius.  How great is My Father’s love for me!

Thank You, God, for loving me so much, for knowing me so intimately, and for delighting in giving me the delights of my heart.  The world is a more beautiful place because You created iguanas, and You created them to bring me joy! Thank You, Papa, I love you!