I do like the Mirror Translation of Rom 4:15. “The law system is bound to bring about disappointment, regret and anger; if there is no law there is nothing to break; no contract, no breach.”

This verse very much resonates within me; it heals me. It gives me glimpses into the depth of God’s love and grace for me. I still mess up and I still handle situations poorly, but God’s love allows me to forgive myself and love myself in spite of the mess.

“No contract, no breach” does not mean I can behave any fleshly way I wish; in fact, it makes it all the more desirable to do better the next time. It frees me from dwelling on my failure and helps me get my eyes back on Jesus. Instead of dwelling in the pit of failure and self-punishment, I am taking my messes immediately to God. I don’t have to fear His response. When I do act in a fleshly way, I know that I am still loved unabashedly. Bless God!