Listening to Francois was like drinking from a fire hose. It was intense and wonderful, and left me with a lot to ponder.

There were several points that Francois made that were significant to me:

  • Jesus canceled the delay and the distance between God and us.
  • Jesus ended the challenge of constantly requalifying for redemption, justification, and righteousness.
  • Truth awakens; error empowers delay and distance.
  • Shepherds were tending the next year’s lamb sacrifices when the angel visited them to announce the birth of Jesus.

The idea that the shepherds were tending to lambs that may serve as the next year’s sacrifices really struck me. Jesus came to cancel that sacrificial system, the system of delay and of requalification.

More powerful thoughts:

  • Father God found us in Christ before He “lost” us in Adam.
  • Isaac was born of dead womb; we are born from a dead tomb.
  • Joy is the official voice of faith.